Come and meet in person the story of who was there – At the cover of events and the crisis, in the day to day life of the different tribes of Israel.

Come and face the challenges of the Israeli society.


Meet, talk, change

Sunday | 10.11.19 | 17:30

Rabin squre, Tel Aviv

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Avi Yalao – A social activist and entrepreneur

Ori Banki – The father of Shira Banki and an activist at "Shira's Path"

Oshra Lerer – Chief of gender equality unit at the office of education

Ayala Hasson – Journalist and the host of Channel 13 News Friday Magazine. Covered the events of the night of the assassination 24 years ago.

Ilana Zohar – Education officer of an IDF division at the times of the assassination and the chief education officer and founder of the Border Patrol education unit.

elyashiv raichner – Journalist, a writer and a political and social activist.

Asaf Liberman – Journalist, Host of the morning show at Reshet Bet and TV show at Kan 11.

Efrat Rozenberg – Media woman, TV host, a publicist and a lawyer.

Arik Eber – Spoken word artist.

Rabbi Benny Perl – Head of arts and science at Bar-Ilan, Tel Aviv.

Gadi Sukenik – Journalist and TV Host, Broadcasted the rally of the assassination and was the first to uncover the identity of the murderer. 

Haim Asa – The defense strategy advisor of Itzhak Rabin, Expert of Crisis handling, Math and statistics, Dr. of Philosophy

Dvir Kariv – Field agent of SHABAK, at the Jewish terror unit and was the main coordinator of Intelligence at the murder investigation. Author of the best seller "Yitzhak" about the murder. In present teacher and lecturer about Incitement and extreme ideology.

Dan Toren – Singer songwriter.

Daphne Leef – Leader of the protests of summer 2011.

Rabbi Hadasah Fruman – Activist at "Shorashim" and in co-existence programs of Israelis and Palestinians. Teaches at "Zohar Chai" place of Torah study. Lives happily at Tko'a with many kids and grandchildren.

Yehushua Sobol – Playwright, director and an author.

Yuval Elbashan – Dean of students at Kiryat Ono academic faculty, Professor of Law studies. Host a radio show at Reshet Bet, an Author and Community lawyer.

Yuval Mendelson - singer, inventor and civics teacher.

 Yaakov Eilon –the journalist who led the dramatic broadcast on the night of Prime Minister Rabin’s murder on Channel 2. He also edited the footage of the murder that Ronnie Kampler filmed in the square that night.

 Yaron Silberman - Director and producer of the film Incitement.

 Michal Hasson - A leader in the struggle to raise benefits for the disabled

Nazir Majli - writer and journalist

Nehama Duak - Journalist and TV presenter

Adina Bar Shalom - Israel Prize recipient for exemplary contributions to society

Ali Zahalka – Educator, publicist and Chairperson of the NGO Coexistence.

Sara and Eliezer Rosenfeld - Parents of the late Malachi Rosenfeld who was murdered in a terrorist attack in the West Bank.


Remember Rabin’s assassination, struggle for democracy

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