Who are we

"The “Remember Rabin’s assassination, struggle for democracy” coalition is made up of movements, organizations and people from the right and left, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular. The coalition was established with the goal of turning commemoration of the murder of Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin z”l into a warning sign for Israeli society.

In this spirit, we formed the main rally for the past four years as an event for all parts of Israeli society and with the goal of strengthening the moral and democratic center opposing racism, violence, incitement and harm to entire population groups, and working to build a society with a joint equal and democratic center.

The Coalition Declaration stands at the foundation of the coalition. It is a joint statement of principles, infrastructure for different groups to connect to one another, and places equality and majority agreement as the basis of a Jewish and democratic state of Israel."

Remember Rabin’s assassination, struggle for democracy

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