1. The website of the Israeli Assembly was established by the "Remember Rabin’s assassination, struggle for democracy" coalition in order to create a civil stage to increase the democratic code Israel.

2. You can sign up for the Assembly using the website’s signature form, or by using Facebook. By signing with one of these steps, you grant your consent to the terms listed in this document.


Privacy Policy

3. In signing via the website, the user will only fill the following information: full name, locality, telephone number. The user commits to providing accurate information.

4. Signatories’ data, as described above, will be retained on the list of signatories on the Israeli Assembly site and will not be used beyond the purposes listed in this document.

5. By signing through Facebook, your Facebook user name and public profile picture will be stored in the list of signatories, as well as your home town if listed publicly. Additional public data such as age, school, friends list, photos, preferences, likes, shares, etc. are visible to the Israeli Assembly but will not be used at all, and such information will not be stored in any form on this site and/or by other means.

6. The names of the site signatories, together with the residential location may be publicly listed, either temporarily or permanently. In any case, contact details will not be posted and will remain confidential.

7. By signing, you consent to receiving information connected solely to this campaign from the Israeli Assembly campaign operator, via the internet or SMS, with the user permitted at any time to notify as to his/her refusal to continue receiving this information via some or all of his/her means of communication.

8. This website uses cookies for the purpose of regular and proper operation of the site, including collecting statistical data about use of the site, and for the purposes of verification of information and data security. Many browsers include options to reject cookies. If you do not know how to do this, check your browser's help file.

9. This site may contain links to other sites, with links only to campaign-related information. If you click on a link to a third-party site, you leave the site and enter the linked site. Websites of these third parties may operate under different rules in connection with the use or disclosure of personal information. Because the Israeli Assembly cannot control the activities of third parties, it cannot accept responsibility for any use of your personal information by these third parties and is unable to ensure that they are committed to security and privacy rules such as those of this site. Therefore, we encourage you to read the privacy statements or policies of other web sites you visit before providing personal information.

10. The participant may update, correct or delete personal information by changing the appropriate information on their profile page on Facebook.

11. Should the participant wish to erase his/her signature to the Israeli Assembly, he/she may make contact via the website, and the request will be respected.



12. Signing up to join the Assembly community is the sole responsibility of the participants. The site operator and/or its representative will not be held responsible for any damages, of any kind, caused to those who signed the petition in respect of and/or in relation to their signature and/or for the use of connected sites.

13. The Amuta Nir Hinuchi Shatfani (Amuta no. 580 388 015) operates the Israeli Assembly website.

Law and Jurisdiction

14. Applicable law to the terms of this website and anything stemming from it is Israeli law only.

15. Exclusive jurisdiction is subject to the competent courts in the Tel Aviv alone.



16. The participant confirms that they have read the regulations, that they understand its instructions and that they accept all the terms of the regulations.

17. To request removal from the list of the Assembly community, please email - Asefaisraelit@gmail.com


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Remember Rabin’s assassination, struggle for democracy

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